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What Is The Keto Flu And How Do I Avoid It?

Many health-conscious, fitness enthusiasts you are becoming interested in the Keto diet.

The keto diet is a very effective method of reducing excess fat in your body. Nevertheless, breaking a lifelong habit of eating carbs on a daily basis can prodúce some initial discomfort.

The keto flu is one of the common temporary side effects of ketosis is the keto flu. Other names for it are the low-carb flu or the induction flu.

You might be feeling nausea, irritation or maybe mental blurriness In the first few days, yoú may experience symptoms associated with breaking a drug addiction. The unwanted symptoms won’t last long.

So, What is this Keto Flu Actually?

When you begin kicking the typical American carbohydrate-rich food habit, your body mistakes your healthy choice for a health problem. The flu-like symptoms are a form of rebellion and a sign that ketosis is actually occurring.

The symptoms typically last between 2-5 days. You should know it is possible for some people to suffer for up to 15 days. The flu typically sets in between day 3 and day 7 and fades away between day 5 and day 15.

The waning of symptoms means your body is adjusting to another new source of energy from the fat stored in your body. The body will become a fat-burning machine.

Not everyone gets the ‘flu’, whether you get it or not depends on your level of carb-dependence before starting the diet. The severity of your symptoms is tied to the number of carbs your body is accustomed to processing.

The Symptoms of Keto Flu

The symptoms are pretty common; almost like an actual case of influenza. Maybe your symptoms are like:

  • Fatigue or a persistent feeling of weakness
  • Headaches or dizziness
  • Extreme carbohydrate (sugar) cravings
  • Irritation
  • Diarrhea
  • Mental fogginess or blurry focus
  • Nausea
  • Sleep deprivation

If these symptoms appear after starting the Keto diet, you might be experiencing normal Keto flu.

The Cure: How to Relieve The Keto Flu?

Keto flu is quite common when you begin following the diet plan. Some practices can help you cope with unwanted symptoms.

There are simple treatments for this:

  1. More Exercise and Better Metabolism

Light exercise helps you get through the flu.

With a tired, fatigued body and a fuzzy mental condition, exercise may seem counterintuitive. Nevertheless, it will make you feel a lot better.

We’re not talking about hardcore gym training and muscle building. Your body is still metabolically fit and flexible. Only a few sit-ups and freehand exercises can make quite a difference.

  1. Give Your Body More Electrolytes

The primary assist you can offer your body during a bout of keto flu is to replenish your electrolytes frequently. Electrolytes are the minerals inside your body that carry electric charges.  

Your body’s cells communicate with each other with electric signals.

We’ll discuss the common electrolytes and where you can find them.

Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, leafy greens, and sea vegetables could help. Surprisingly, they are found in dark chocolates. Meat, fish, and cheese are more conventional sources.

You can also try electrolyte powder. It is a complete trace mineral beverage that is 100% dissolvable. It is raspberry lemon flavor with a hint of stevia.

  1. Water Is Your Best Friend

Never forget to keep your body hydrated. Consume as much as fluid you can (at least 8 ozs of water at a time). Besides filtered or bottled drinking water, you could add a little lemon. Avoid colas or carbonated beverages, they have an adverse effect on ketosis.

Sufficient fluids in your body ensure good metabolism.

Research shows drinking 500 ml of water increases metabolic rate by 30%. It also gets rid of the fuzzy mental condition and fatigue.

  1. More Fat and Calories

A basic rule of the Keto diet is to eat more fat to burn the fat! You should continuously eat fat bombs throughout your day.

One common mistake newcomers to the Keto diet often make is to eat fewer carbs but don’t increase the number of fats to supplement the nutrition lost. The lack of nutrition weakens and enfeebles your body. Eat more meat and animal protein.

  1. Salt Up Your Diet

When you start out on the Keto diet, your insulin level plummets rapidly. This causes a lack of sodium in your body. Go back to salting your food again. Your body is used to a constant supply of sodium. If you have ever tried to limit the amount of salt you use, you’ve discovered carbohydrate laden processed are full of it. It’s nearly impossible to stay away from salt. foods based food has salt in it.

  1. A Bit of The Clean Carbohydrates

Giving up carbs can trigger a harsh reaction in your body’s functions. If you are too tired and sick from the keto flu, you can wean yourself off the carbs gradually.  Remember, for all intents and purposes you are breaking an addiction. Very few folks successfully quit smoking cold turkey, be kind to yourself and just cut out whatever meal you eat that typically has the most carbs.

You can also have a small amount of the clean carbohydrates (mainly plant fiber-based carbohydrates). This small ‘cheat’ will aid your body to make the transition from Standard Western diet to Keto more smoothly.

  1. Focus on the Pure and Healthy Fats

Your body needs energy. Before Keto, carbohydrates are the main source of energy for most people. Without them, your body craves energy.

These rich fats like MCT oil, butter, ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, and tallow are just what you need. It sounds crazy to seek out kind of fats most people are afraid of, but rich fats are the fuel that will power your body.

  1. Keto Fans’ Favorite: The Bone Broth

Americans can’t believe how nutritious bone broth is. Unfortunately, the country has gotten away from making broth from scratch, and most Americans think soup comes from a can. Salted bone broth is like a holistic medicine in times of Keto flu.

Even salted chicken broth helps a lot, and remember chicken soup has been called Jewish penicillin for decades These types of broth are rich in collagen, gelatin, protein, minerals, and vitamins. You could call them the superhero of all Keto recipes. Often bone broth is made from beef marrow bones. You could substitute lamb or mutton bones with beef. Don’t forget to use the salt shaker liberally. You’ll get the benefits of bone broth and sodium.

The initial days of Keto diet can be painful. When your body adapts, you will notice the changes. Visible weight loss, focused thoughts, and better digestion are your the gift for waiting out the Keto flu.

Don’t let the symptoms of Keto flu discourage you. Your gifts and all the other amazing benefits of the keto diet far outweigh the few days of discomfort.

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