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How Can I Stick To Keto When Traveling?   

Americans and all other nationalities that embrace the Standard Western Diet love their carbs. Because of that, sticking to your Keto diet when you’re traveling can be a challenge.

You can be sure you’ll be bombarded by a smorgasbord of high-carb food options during your long waits at the airport before boarding and during layovers, and to add insult to injury, your destination, won’t be any different. What can you do to make sure you don’t cheat?

Here are some tips to help you stick to Keto while traveling.

Bring your Keto snacks along

You have no way of knowing if you will be able to get keto approved snacks at your destination. Exploring a new city is hard enough without the added stress of finding food that won’t kick you out of ketosis. Let’s face it, we already mentioned America’s love affair with carbs, finding eateries that serve foods that fall into the keto guidelines is hard, to begin with, especially in a strange city. We advise you to pack some keto approved snacks for your journey.

There are a few details, which can help you choose the correct snacks. You need to pick foods that store easily. Storage ease depends on how you are traveling

On a plane, they don’t feed you anymore anyway. The security rules limit what you can keep with you on the plane and access. You can’t depend on airline food. In fact, you can depend that it won’t be Keto. Car travel gives you the opportunity to bring a cooler, which opens the choice to a variety of foods.

Survivalists always pack granola or protein bars in their go bags. But, these are no-nos on Keto. There is a Keto compliant form called a Stoka bar. They are low carb and glycemic. They really are Keto, available in several favorite flavors and quite tasty.

The internet is a diet tool; do your research before going

You should have discovered which restaurants offer keto approved foods before you land at your destination. When you aren’t dieting, you arrive tired hungry and cranky after a long flight. On Keto, if you haven’t done the footwork beforehand, it’s much more likely you’ll give in to your hunger. You’ll grab some easily available empty high-carb food. Make sure you have a plan and already know where you can get a Ketol meal.

Today, nearly every restaurant of any size posts a menu online. Look up dining establishments near your destination. Research the nutritional content of their offerings and the ingredients used. You might think this is a hassle, but you probably use Yelp to find a meal in your hometown. Doing the same for an unfamiliar city can save you a lot of stress in the long run. You don’t need to be stressed out during your vacation.

Returning to recommendations about what to eat, un-marinated steaks, chops, fish or chicken without sauce are Keto- friendly entrees. Most eateries can easily put any of these on the grill for you. When it comes to salad dressing, order olive oil and lemon juice for salads. Plain buttered vegetables without sauce are common on most menus as well.

Getting eggs and bacon for breakfast is hardly ever a problem. Give the pancakes, bagels, toast, danishes or donuts a pass through.

Shop for your hotel room

If you are unsuccessful at finding restaurants with Keto options on the menu, you may have to go old school to eat. You can shop at bodegas and supermarkets for keto-friendly and low-carb snacks.

Today’s hotel rooms almost always have a mini refrigerator. Go on a shopping spree before you settle in.

Travel depletes your body of minerals So.another item you will want to bring along is electrolyte powder. The powder comes in different flavors. JigSaw will keep you on track.

Commit to the diet

Don’t use traveling as an excuse. Don’t cave in. Do it for the sake of your health. You will not be disappointed with the outcome.

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